Speaking Time

Do you want to see an example of narrative text in video format?

The story is just the same as the story when we have Listening Activity.

Wanna listen more? Just click here!

How is the story anyway?

What moral values do you get from Red Little Riding Hood?

Now, it’s time to answer my questions based on the video you have watched.

Please, answer these questions below orally.

1. Who did Red Little meet in the jungle?

2. What did Red Little bring to her grandma?

3. What did the wolf want to do to Red Little?

4. What happened to Red Little’s grandma finally?

5. What moral values can you learn from the story?

Now, here is the example of a narrative dialogue entitled “Snow White”.

I believe all of you are familiar with the story.

Well, just read the script and find some dialogue expressions in the script.

Interior of the castle. Enter the QUEEN. She crosses over to the magic mirror.

  • QUEEN: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest one of all?
  • MIRROR: What? Are you back again? You come to me twice or three times a day and ask me that same question. What is the deal here?
  • QUEEN: I want to know if I am the fairest woman in the kingdom.
  • MIRROR: Why is it you need so much reassurance? Is your self image that bad? You don’t need a magic mirror—you need a therapist.
  • QUEEN: What I DON’T need is your advice. Now, answer my question! Say one of those witty poems you do like, “Roses are red: violets are blue. Fairest in the kingdom is the one and only you,” or Roses are red: daises are white, If you think you’re best, you sure are right.” Ready? Hit it.
  • MIRROR: Okay, okay. Roses are red: violets are blue. The best-looking babe is someone else, not you.
  • QUEEN: Thank you, thank you. You sure know how to flatter a woman, you big tease! (Realizing what he just said.) Not me? What do you mean when you said, “not you”?
  • MIRROR: Do you need a dictionary? What part of “not you” don’t you understand? You’re not the best-looking babe in the kingdom.
  • QUEEN: (Throwing a temper tantrum.) Well, why not? I do aerobic exercises every day, eat a low-fat diet, and I bought one of those exercise bikes that have the big fan for a wheel.
  • MIRROR: Not good enough. Somebody is still doing better than you are.
  • QUEEN: If it isn’t me, then who is it?
  • MIRROR: Roses are red. The sun is so bright. The best-looking woman is called Snow White.
  • QUEEN: Snow White?
  • MIRROR: That’s what I said.
  • QUEEN: My step daughter? The one I command to wash the floors of the castle?
  • MIRROR: Uh-huh.
  • QUEEN: The girl I dress in rags, command to scrub the entire castle with nothing more than an old toothbrush?
  • MIRROR; And the girl with the perfect white skin, no age spots, knock out figure and skin wouldn’t know a pimple if she fell over it.
  • QUEEN: But I work night and day on my beauty, wear the latest in medieval fashions, and use every beauty aide available!
  • MIRROR: But Snow White just naturally looks good.
  • QUEEN: (To the audience.) I hate her.
  • MIRROR: Have you seen her since she got that make over? All the knights think she’s hot enough to burn through solid steel. (He howls like a wolf.)
  • QUEEN: That’s quite enough, Magic Mirror!
  • MIRROR: She can do her make up in my mirror anytime!
  • QUEEN: You’re forgetting who’s mirror you are!
  • MIRROR: I’m yours, Queenie, but if you want to give me to her as a birthday present, I’m willing! (The QUEEN storms off stage left.)

OK, that is some parts of “Snow White” play.

Do you find any expressions there?

Let’s see!

Thank you, thank you. You sure know how to flatter a woman, you big tease!

What kind of expression is it?

Yup, that’s right!

It is a kind of thanking!

Here, I also have an audio with some expressions in it, just listen this.
click here.

What about the story? Oughh, you don’t understand? Do you? Well, just click this to see the script.


I want you to search some expressions in a dialogue. Please find a dialogue and take a note of the expressions which are used in the dialogue.

You can find many kinds of expression like thanking, apologizing, giving and asking information, and so on.

OK, for your reference please take a look at this video.

What expressions do you find in this video?

Well students, have you understood about the expressions mentioned in that video?

If no, you can take a look at to the simpler example below:

Expressions in English – Sample dialogue

Srinath : Good morning, Sir. (greeting-formal)
Headmaster : Good morning Mr. Srinath.
Prabhu : Hello, Srinath. (greeting-informal)
Srinath : Hello Prabhu. how are you?
Prabhu : I’m fine. How are you?
Headmaster : I am glad you both have come on time.
(expressing happiness)
Srinath : Sir, it is very kind of you to have invited us.
Headmaster : It’s a pleasure! (responding to thanks) My wife
suggested that we ask you both over to tea.
Prabhu : We too have been wanting to visit you.
Headmaster : Thanking you. (neutral)
Shall we start with the slices of cake?
(suggesting) Would you like these plum cakes?
Srinath : I would love to. (expressing liking)
Headmaster : Help yourselves with these sandwiches.
Prabhu : They are really delicious!
Headmaster : Mr. Sri, how do you like your tea? Strong
(asking for liking)
Srinath : Not very strong Sir. Thank you. (thanking neutral)
Headmaster : Welcome! (responding to thanking
you Mr. Prabhu?
Prabhu : A little strong, (stating slight preference)
Headmaster : I think you take more sugar.
Prabhu : Yes Sir, two spoonfuls.
Headmaster : Here you are. By the way, how’s our students’
Srinath : We can expect better result this year.
Headmaster : That’s fine.
Prabhu : I can assure you a minimum often centums in
Headmaster : Oh, really. That’s great! (expressing satisfaction)
How about another cup of tea? (suggesting informal)
Prabhu : That’s very kind of you. Sir (thanking- formal)
But I am afraid I am full. (refusing politely)

So, my dear students… After reading this example, I want you to make such kind of dialogue full expressions in English like the example above.

You can choose the situation by yourself. Good luck and see you…


One response to “Speaking Time

  1. arsianti1133

    April 19, 2011 at 9:30 am

    Focus: Speaking
    Reviewer: Arsianti Dewi 2201408124

    1. Nice pictures
    2. Many examples and expression choices

    1. To long Dialogue.
    2. The instructions are not specific.
    3. The Audio titled “The Boy on Graves-End Road (By Caty Weaver) is too long and I think is already used by somebody else

    1. Use the audio which is not already used by somebody else
    2. Please group the expressions (formal/informal) or just simply the format or placing.

    Rate 82


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