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31 Mar

Do you want to improve your English speaking skill?

Just try

But, before you visit that site, I have a review about that. You can read it first as your reference.


This website provides so many things. We can study all of skills in one site. It is very easy to use and very helpful. What you want to know about studying English is provided. Listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, TOEFL, etc are available. It is easy to use. Here, the example is so many. For example, we will study speaking. Just click in speaking term and there will appear some levels and some situations. In each level there are many examples of conversation. It also provides the audio of conversation, so that we do not only know about the form of conversation, but also the pronunciation of each word. If you have mastered all of the material, you can try the exercise which is provided.

Here, if you are a teacher you will be very helped with this site. You can find some examples of dialogue or conversation in many different levels and situations. Then, you also can use the example of the test which is also available online. For example, if we are clicking speaking term and choose the beginning level. There will be some categories, just choose one of them and you can find what you are searching for.

For students, it is also very helpful. The students can do many exercises there. They also can find some materials which can help their language skills. Not only the materials but also they can practice the pronunciation by listening to the audio. Mastering the material, doing the exercise and practicing the language skills in one site can be done in one site only.

My opinion about this website:

This website is very complete. All of the language skills are provided there. It is very easy to use. We can find the materials, exercise and also the audio. Even, it is available in every level of learners.

My recommendation to this website:

It is almost perfect site for learning English. My recommendation is just to improve more examples and audios. Or maybe it can provide the debate term to the high-level learners to improve their capability in language skills.

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